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Tracklist :
01. Only
02. Cinderella
03. Hello Super Star
04. Only (Instrumental)
05. Cinderella (Instrumental)
06. Hello Super Star (Instrumental)

Buat Lita yang udah request album ini, nih requestnya.


1. 太烦恼 (Too Much Trouble)
2. 带我走 (Take Me Away)
3. 我的爱吊点滴 (I Love Hanging Drop)
4. 冷战 (Cold War)
5. 火星 (Mars)
6. 半熟宣言 (Half Mature Declaration)
7. 爱我请 Shutup (Love Me Please Shutup)
8. 在你怀里的微笑 (In The Arms Of Your Smile)
9. 女生我最大 (Girls, I’m The Biggest)
10. 幸福的节拍 (Beat Of Happiness)

Kali ini buat para penikmat serial yang lagi ngetop ini, yups Original Soundtrack Devil Beside You, special buat kamu.

01 – David Tao- Yue Liang Dai Bao Shei de Xin
02 – Rainie Yang- Ai Mei
03 – Rainie Yang- Ideal Lover
04 – Huang Yi Da- Yi Miao De An Wei
05 – Huang Yi Da- Jerk (Devil Beside You Opening)
06 – Huang Yi Da- Set Me Free
07 – XL- An Ran Siao
08 – XL- Mei Li De Hway Yi (Chorus version)